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  • "All the students are hereby informed that on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav), various events are going to be organised by the college from 13th to 17th August 2022 (details are in the circulated notice). Hence, it is mandatory to attend the same. "
    "The admission for Ph.D. courses (Marathi, History, Sociology, Mathematics, and Zoology) has started. Aspirants can apply to the respective research centres for further consideration. "Click here for details."
  • The admissions are now open for the first year of the UG and PG courses session - 2022-23. For details click here..
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Code of Conduct

The smooth functioning of the College depends upon observance of discipline by the students. The College can help the students better when Rules of Discipline are observed properly.

Parents/Guardians are requested to direct their wards to observe the following Rules of Discipline:

  1. Maintain Proper discipline and responsible behaviour inside and outside of college campus.
  2. As directed by UGC and Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order any misconduct on part of students or raging, teasing, taunting to girl students is strictly prohibited. In case found, a very serious action will be taken.
  3. It is mandatory for Students to attend classes regularly. College uniform and identity card is compulsory when you are in college campus. During National anthem all students should stay in their classroom.
  4. It is compulsory to follow all the notices that are circulated time to time.
  5. Keep cleanliness in college campus. Chewing of Tobacco, Gutkha, Smoking, prohibited strictly.
  6. Indecent writing on walls of buildings and Toilets is strictly prohibited.
  7. It is advised not to assemble and do indecent activities in college campus on festival days.
  8. Do not damage college property like desks, benches, doors and other instruments. Consider college property as your own property.
  9. It is obligatory to participate in various activities organized by the faculty students should attend all programmes in college uniform. It is compulsory to complete all the formalities of internal assessment. It is compulsory to participate in group discussions, seminars, project works, unit tests etc.
  10. 75% attendance is compulsory. In every subject Students below 75% attendance will not be allowed to appear examinations.
  11. Use of mobile in college campus is prohibited. Keep your mobiles on silent mode or switched off.
  12. Keep your bicycles, motorcycles properly in parking area.
  13. Students should read silently in library in empty time. Use e-library for your academic and educational purposes. Don’t visit social networking sites i.e. Facebook, twitter, what’s up. Searching illegal/ indecent websites is strictly prohibited.
  14. It is against college rule to organize any programme without Principal’s permission.
  15. Students must behave politely with the teachers and non-teaching staff. If any kind of misbehaviour or indiscipline is observed on the part of the student. Necessary action will be taken.
  16. Organizing gatherings, college tour etc is not bindings upon the college. It will be at the sole direction of Principal of the college. Indiscipline or misbehaviour on the part of any student during any of these activities will result in strict action to be taken by the principal.

Note:- It is obligatory to follow all rules.

– Strict actions should be taken on students who do not follow college rules.

– Students disobeying college rules will be punished or their admission shall be cancelled.

– Students should be aware of all the above mentioned rules.