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  • All concerned are informed that a blood donation camp is being organised in the college on October 18, 2022 at 10 am in the memory of the late Kishorebhau Wanmali and on the occasion of Voluntary Blood Donation Day under the National Service Scheme of the college in association with the Red Ribbon Club and Department of Microbiology. "Click here"
  • "We feel proud to announce that our institution has received an "A" grade in the Fourth NAAC Cycle with a 3.24 CGPA. The NAAC Peer team visited our institute on September 7 and 8, 2022, and the outcome was announced on September 13. We appreciate the support and cooperation of all college stakeholders in getting the "A" grade."
  • It is to inform all that Institution's annual magazine 'Shabdshilp' for the year 2021-2022 has been published. "Click here to read".
  • The NAAC Peer team visit has been scheduled on 7th and 8th of September. All the stakeholders are cordially invited to attend.
  • All the students are hereby informed that on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav), various events are going to be organised by the college from 13th to 17th August 2022 (details are in the circulated notice). Hence, it is mandatory to attend the same.
  • The admission for Ph.D. courses (Marathi, History, Sociology, Mathematics, and Zoology) has started. Aspirants can apply to the respective research centres for further consideration. "Click here for details.
  • The admissions are now open for the first year of the UG and PG courses session - 2022-23. For details click here..
  • Click here to access the SOP for the MCQ type offline examination of Summer-22
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Staff Lists







Sr. No. Name of the Employees (Teaching)  Designation  Department  Type of Post & 

Dr. L. H. Khalsa Principal

Dr. R. M. Thombre Associate  Prof.  Physics  Regular 

Prof. M. K. Ramteke Associate  Prof.  Economics Regular 

Dr. C. P. Dorlikar Assistant  Prof.  Geology  Regular 

Dr. J. N. Papadkar Assistant  Prof.  Zoology Regular 

Prof. S. B. Gedam Assistant  Prof.  Physics Regular 

Dr. R. N. Chavhan Assistant  Prof.  Zoology Regular 

Dr. Ms. S. T. Nagdeve Assistant  Prof.  Botany  Regular 

Dr. D. V. Thakare Associate  Prof.  Physical Edu. Director  Regular 

Prof. D. M. Ghonmode Assistant  Prof.  Marathi  Regular 

Prof. S. M. Sontakke Assistant  Prof.  Chemistry Regular 

Prof. N. N. Meshram Assistant  Prof.  English  Regular 

Dr. C. D. Mungmode Associate  Prof.  Physics Regular 

Prof. P. S. Meshram Assistant  Prof.  Geography  Regular 

Dr. V. P. Gorde Assistant  Prof.  Geography  Regular 

Dr. V. I. Kahalkar  Assistant  Prof.  Botany  Regular 

Dr. M. M. Thaore Assistant  Prof.  Commerce Regular 

Prof. P. S. Ganvir Assistant  Prof.  Geology  Regular 

Dr. V. H. Raiwatkar Assistant  Prof.  Marathi  Regular 

Dr. G. M. Kadhav Assistant  Prof.  Sociology  Regular 

Prof. Ku. S. K. Mohurle Assistant  Prof.  English  Regular 

Prof. G. W. Borkar Assistant  Prof.  Political Sci.  Regular 

Prof. A. P. Raut Assistant  Prof.  English  Regular 

Dr. N. D. Bansod Assistant  Prof.  Chemistry  Regular 

Dr. S. S. Kola Assistant  Prof.  Chemistry  Regular 

Prof .Miss. S. B. Kumre Assistant  Prof.  Zoology  Regular 

Prof. V. P. Padole Assistant  Prof.  English Regular 


Sr.No. Name of the Employees (Non-Teaching)  Designation  Department  Type of Post & 
Shri. R. J. Hemke Jr. Clerk Office Regular 
2 Shri. M. G. Tagade Jr. Clerk Office Regular 
3 Shri. P.N.Ganvir Lab. Assi. Chemistry Lab Regular 
4 Shri. M. B. Korwate Lab. Assi. Zoology Lab Regular 
5 Shri. L. F. Nimje Lab. Att. Chemistry Lab Regular 
6 Shri. R. K. Inkane Lab. Att. Physics Lab. Regular 
7 Shri. B. B. Shende Lab. Att. Botany & Microbiology Lab Regular 
8 Shri. K. D. Ramteke Lab. Att. Zoology Lab. Regular 
9 Shri. J. M. Bodele Lab. Att. Geology Lab. Regular 
10 Shri. P. L. Dadmal Lab. Att. Computer Lab Regular 
11 Shri. H. P. Magare Lib. Att. Library  Regular 
12 Ku. S. P. Katukale Lib. Att. Library Regular 
13 Shri. K. M. Kuthe Peon Peon Regular 
14 Smt. S. M. Ghodichore Peon Peon Regular 
15 Shri. S. G. Thakare Peon Peon Regular 


Sr.No. Name of the Employees (Teaching)  Designation  Department  Type of Post & 
1 Mr. Sunil D. Chute Assistant  Prof.  Computer Science Temporary 
2 Ms. Kavita D. Khobragade Assistant  Prof.  Microbiology Temporary 
3 Mrs. Mina B. Upadhye Assistant  Prof.  Indian Music Temporary 
4 Ms. Prerna A. Lonare Assistant  Prof.  Indian Music Temporary 


Sr.No. Name of the Employees (Non-Teaching)  Designation  Department  Type of Post & 
1 Mr. Sachin C. Kalbandhe Computer Operator  Office Temporary 
2 Mr. Vipin P. Raut
Office Temporary 
3 Mr.Ashok Selokar 
Office Temporary 


Sr.No. Name of the Employees (Teaching)  Designation  Department  Type of Post & 

Prof. Dr. K. N. Wasurke Librarian Librarian Temporary

Ms. Pranali K. Garode Assistant  Prof.  Home Economics CHB

Ms. Vibhavari K. Nakhate Assistant  Prof.  Home Economics CHB

Mr. Arpit Kharwade Assistant  Prof.  Mathematics CHB

Mr. Amit P. Kohpare Assistant  Prof.  Mathematics CHB

Mr. Mahesh K. Kahale Assistant  Prof.  Chemistry CHB

Ms. Bharti B. Gedam Assistant  Prof.  Marathi CHB

Mr. Pundlik M. Vyahalkar Assistant  Prof.  History CHB

Mr. Jitendra H. Raut Assistant  Prof.  Commerce CHB

Mr. Ashwinkumar A. Meshram Assistant  Prof.  Commerce CHB

Mr. Tejram Y. Gaydhane Assistant  Prof.  Commerce CHB

Ms. Diksha P. Wanmali Assistant  Prof.  Geology CHB

Ms. Bhagyashri M. Sorte Assistant  Prof.  Sociology CHB

Ms. Megha L. Sorte Assistant  Prof.  Sociology CHB

Ms. Revati Y. Sahare Assistant  Prof.  Economics CHB

Mr. Khagesh M. Sahare Assistant  Prof.  Marathi CHB

Mr. Sanjay M. Giradkar Assistant  Prof.  History CHB

Ms. Manisha T. Ganvir Assistant  Prof.  Geology CHB