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Feedback from Students

Dear Students,

This form has been designed to seek feedback from you for quality improvement of curriculum, teaching-learning environment, to provide best possible facilities and modern infrastructure. The information provided by you will be kept confidential.

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For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by SELECTING an appropriate option.

  • Please mention your suggestions in case of strongly disagree option
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1 ) Present courses and subjects having sufficient flexibility.

2 ) Teachers complete your syllabus during classroom teaching in time

3 ) Teachers are punctual and regular in taking lectures and practicals.

4 ) Teachers are having deep and updated knowledge of the subject.

5 ) Teachers are available and accessible in the department after lecture timings with friendly and helpful attitude

6 ) Periodical assessments are conducted and timely feedback is given on your performance as per schedule.

7 ) College develops scientific temper, research culture and aptitude among students.

8 ) Modern teaching aids, skills & techniques (ICT) are sufficiently used by teachers for teaching.

9 ) Basic infrastructure and require facilities for students are available and well maintained.

10 ) College continuously works for overall personality development of students

11 ) College provides various guidance and counseling services to students.

12 ) The course studied by you has increased your knowledge, skills as well as capabilities to enhance employ ability.

13 ) The office staff of the college is co-operative and helpful.

14 ) Students grievances are redressed/problems are solved well in time.

15 ) Placement services & self employment programs for students are satisfactory.