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There are four Research Centresequipped with all facilities viz; Mathematics, Marathi, Sociology and History.

Sr.No. Research Centre Name of Supervisor
1 Mathematics Dr. L.H. Khalsa
2 Marathi Dr. V. Wanjari
3 History Dr. R.V. Ghonmode
4 Sociology ------


Research is one of the major and significant activities of our College. A Committee for Research Consultancy is functioning in this institution, whose major objectives are to create an environment for active research, promote collaborative research, increase publication output, which are beneficial to society. Our institution promotes the faculty participation in research.

Our 14 faculty members have Ph.D. Among them, 3 have acquired Ph.D. by availing FIP offered by UGC. The number of teachers who possess M.Phil. is 10.

Our faculty members Dr. L.H. Khalsa, Dr. R. M. Thombre, Dr. R. N. Chavhan, Dr. U. T. Kamble, Dr.VishakhaWanjari, Dr. R. V. Ghonmode&Dr. C. P. Dorlikar are the recognized supervisors of Gondwana University, Gadchiroli.

1. Faculty from the institution who are Ph.D. Supervisors:

Sr.No. Name of the faculty Department Area of Research
1 Dr. L.H. Khalsa Mathematics
  • Boundary Value Problem In Heat Conduction (AMS 34B05, 34B07),
  • Partial differential equations (AMS 35J25, 35J67, 35K0535K20,35K35, 35K50 ),
  • Integral transforms (AMS 44A05, 44A10),
  • Special functions (AMS 33C10), Thermoelasticity
2 Dr. Mrs. V.P. Wanjari Marathi
  • Feminism
3 Dr. R.M. Thombre Physics
  • Optical & Electrical Properties of Binary and Tarnary thin Flim on Glass Substrate, CBD (Chemical Bath Deposition) spray-pyrolysis.
  • Crystal Growth, Microwaves studies
4 Dr. R.V. Ghonmode History
  • Maratha History
5 Dr. R.N. Chavhan Zoology
  • Limnology
  • Mammalian Reproductive Physiology
  • Toxicology
6 Dr. U.T. Kamble Commerce
  • Economics, Management & Commerce
7 Dr. C.P. Dorlikar Geology
  • Igneous Petrology

2. Students Registered for Ph.D.:

Sr.No. Name of the Student Name of Supervisor Department Date of Registration Topic of Research
1 Ku. Sarita I. Sahare Dr. Vishakha Wanjari Marathi 20/03/2014 आंबेडकरी साहित्यसंमेलनाच्या अध्यक्षीय भाषणांचा चिकित्सक अभ्यास
2 Ku. Minakshi N. Watgure Dr. Vishakha Wanjari Marathi 20/03/2014 सौ. शुभांगी भडभडे यांच्या सामाजिक कादम्बर्य .......
3 Ku. Pranita K. Gedam Dr. Vishakha Wanjari Marathi 20/03/2014 शंकर सखाराम यांच्या कादम्बर्यातुन सुचित होणारा मूल्यर्ह्यास: एक अभ्यास
4 Padmakar D. Wankhede Dr. Vishakha Wanjari Marathi 07/01/2013 -
5 Ishaque A. Khan Dr. L.H. Khalsa Mathematics 19/03/2014 Study of Some Heat Conduction Problems in Solids and Their Thermoelastic Behaviour.
6 Mrs. Anjali Pathak Dr. L.H. Khalsa Mathematics 24/03/2014 Study of Some Thermoelastic Problems on Thick & Thin Bodies.
7 Ku. Sonal W. Bhoyar Dr. L.H. Khalsa Mathematics 16/04/2014 Some Mathematical Aspects of Thermoelastic Study of Solid Objects.
8 Ku. Ashwini Kulkarni Dr. L.H. Khalsa Mathematics 12/04/2014 Study of Some Homogeneous and Non-Homogeneous Thermoelastic Problems on Different Solids.
9 Sanjay D. Gottamwar Dr. R.N. Chavhan Zoology 20/03/2014 Limnological Aspects With Special Reference to Zooplanktonic Fauna of Some Lentic Ecosystems of District Gadchiroli.
10 Ku. Smita Y. Lanjewar Dr. R.N. Chavhan Zoology 20/03/2014 Limnological Studies of Mendki Lake of Dist. Chandrapur With Respect to Seasonal Distribution and Diversity of Zooplankton
11 Ku Sukeshani T. Borkar Dr. R.N. Chavhan Zoology - -
12 Ku. Komal D. Barche Dr. G.S. Tamgale Sociology 27/03/2014 लातुर जिल्ह्यातील वडार समाजाचे समाजशास्त्रीय अध्ययन
13 Ratan S. Meshram Dr. R.M. Thombre Physics 04/2014